Seeking Support

If you have not had experience of counselling before, you may have mixed feelings or feel nervous about contacting me. When we embark on anything new or something which we may expect to be negative, there are natural anxieties that emerge. I am more than happy to spend a few minutes on the telephone to talk these through with you before you commit to booking an appointment.
At your first appointment we look at what you want to talk about. Some people are clear from the start with what they are looking for and others may need a few sessions to think it through, either way is fine.
I will ask some general questions about you and if you have any concerns or questions then this is a good opportunity to discuss these too. This will help us to decide whether we can make progress by engaging together.

We will seek to:

• Challenge assumptions and negative beliefs
• Evaluate unhelpful learnt behaviours
• Without judgement, explore your anxieties and fears
• Understand your relationships and attachment style


After a number of sessions you may feel:

• Self-awareness leading to informed choices
• Compassion towards oneself and an improved sense of well-being
• Improved ability to motivate oneself towards achieving realistic goals
• Acceptance and understanding toward situations past, present, and future that you cannot change

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